Become a better architect through effortless 3D printing.

Platonics is developing 3D printers for architects that require zero maintenance.

We achieve a maintenance-free experience by automating our 3D printer through a modular design and a smart software that optimizes your 3D CAD files for 3D printing.

As we are the only 3D printer for architects, developed with architects, we can save our clients up to 90% in wasted time versus any other 3D printer.


The printer has a parameter identification, self-cleaning and self-calibrating mechanisms that reduce human error and interaction.


Our web application has a 3D CAD optimization feature that automatically analyzes and fixes files with internal geometry problems. This can reduce pre-processing time by up to 90%.


Through a modular design, we have been able to reduce the printer's maintenance to a matter of seconds. It is the perfect fit for an architect's office as its design allows it to operate silently.

The Platonics 3D printer lets you spend more time on things that matter.

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Why us?

Architects who have adopted 3D printing to prototype scale models have had to resort to general purpose printers that do not fit their needs. Current printers are not optimized for architectural purposes due to their unusability, complex maintenance and extrenuous optimization of 3D files. Platonics is the first 3D printer that has been designed based on the needs of architects.

We have been co-developing our 3D printer with more than 100 architecture firms around the world. In May 2017 we are starting to beta-test our printers with some of Finland’s top architecture firms such as ALA, JKMM, Verstas, Serum & Lundén.

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Our mission is to enable creative professionals to achieve their full potential by removing the thresholds that prevent them from utilizing 3D printing in their design processes today.

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Platonics Oy

Betonimiehenkuja 3E, 02150, Espoo, Finland

Phone: +358 44 238 1909


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